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People really like to ask about my bedding setup. I’ve gotten a lot of people into my bed (stop thinking dirty). Let’s break it down.



I have the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress which is supposed to be better for side sleepers compared to the Purple mattress. Since I ordered during Black Friday, I also got the combo that comes with the mattress protector.


While most sheets are often cotton based and have a thread count, my go-to material is always 100% viscose bamboo which is the core of the entire bedding ensemble. It’s extremely sleek, cool to the touch, and moisture-wicking for the hot sleepers, and is also the most gentle on my skin as someone with severe atopic dermatitis.

For this, I always recommend these sheets, which I’m now on my 4th set of over the years. They’ve surpassed any other sheets I’ve tried, including miracle brand which is advertised as anti-bacterial and better for your skin.

<aside> ℹ️ Bamboo Viscose is often used interchangeably with Bamboo Rayon supposedly



Head Pillow

The Nectar mattress came with memory foam pillows but I’ve recently been looking to get pillow cubes as well as a side sleeper.

Body Pillow

To coincide with the rest of the memory foam in my bedding, I opted for this memory foam body pillow. It’s important to pay attention to the size of the pillow if you intend to get a body pillow cover or dakimakura.

Body Pillow Cover

Since body pillows are often not made of bamboo on the surface, I opted for a bamboo body pillow cover to have the same cool-to-the-touch sensation.


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