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A collection of miscellaneous scripts/tools that are often developed for my own use and very niche, but maybe someone finds it useful.


A Unity editor extension that replaces all transform animation properties within selected animation clips with position/rotation/scale/parent constraint offset properties.

This is primarily developed to assist with avoiding transform animations on VRChat Avatars due to complex issues with Avatar Masks on Animator Controllers.

Content Protector From Public - Modified

Original work by Yagihata which can be downloaded here and read about here.

Modifications made:

  1. Folder can be moved anywhere
  2. Folder can be renamed
  3. Text contents of the Updater Prefab can be erased or rewritten freely

Reach out to me if you’d like this version.


Duplicates the selected GameObject(s) and sets them as its own immediate child.

Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + D

By JustSleightly